Valentine’s Day Cards

I will not have any time available this year to offer Valentine themed mini sessions, but I thought that I could offer some custom cards for your little ones!

I know that my 4 year old will  both be giving and receiving valentines this year in her preschool and I thought, what is cuter then a custom photo card?!?

If you had a session with me in 2011 and would like to order any of these cards with one of the images from your session, simply send me an email ( and let me know which style and how many sets you would like.  I am going to try and keep this simple, therefore I will not be re-hosting any galleries online for you to make a selection.  If you are able to remember or describe a particular image to me, that is fine, otherwise I will pick the image that I think works best with the template you choose.  Each card will be customized with your child’s name (and year if you would like).  The backs will be white with my website in very small type at the bottom. Prices are below and include shipping, however, sales tax will be added.

Cards are 2.5 x 3.5 (the size of a wallet photo) and will be printed on cardstock (NOT photo paper).

Sold in sets of 16:

1 set: $24
2 sets: $32
3 sets: $38


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