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          Monday , January 20 2020
          Home / Gems and Jewelry / Vicenzaoro 2020: Vicenza Jewellery Show, Italy
          Vicenzaoro: Vicenza Jewellery Show, Italy

          Vicenzaoro 2020: Vicenza Jewellery Show, Italy

          Category:?Gems and Jewelry
          Date: 17 – 22 January, 2020
          Location: VICENZAORO, Via Oreficeria, 16, 36100 Vicenza VI, Italy
          Organizer:?Italian Exhibition Group Spa, Via Emilia 155, 47921 Rimini?Italy
          Phone:?+39 0541 744555
          Timings:?09:00 AM – 18:30 PM

          The international event of reference for the gold and jewellery world that inaugurates the calendar of international trade shows. Producers, brands, buyers, journalists, opinion leaders and trend setters from all over the world gather in Vicenza to present and discover the new collections in advance and let themselves be inspired by the trends of the new year.

          Vicenzaoro 2020: The Jewellery Boutique Show

          An innovative Italian Exhibition Group spa idea, The Jewellery Boutique Show is a strategic and cutting edge development model that is new to the panorama of international exhibitions. Based on arranging supply and demand into homogeneous communities based on reference, positioning, organizational systems, production type and overall image, this coordinated structure provides companies with the best advantages for promoting their distinctive characteristics.

          Vicenzaoro 2020: Exhibitors Profile

          Profile for exhibit include Fine and commercial gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, industrial and hand-crafted silverware, silver costume jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, natural and cultivated pearls, corals and cameos, wrist and pocket watches, services, trade press, Machinery and equipment for goldware and jewelry manufacture, accessories for goldsmiths and silversmiths, Gemological instruments.

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