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          Wednesday , January 8 2020
          Home / Gems and Jewelry / YIGJF 2020: Yangon International Gems & Jewelry Fair
          YIGJF 2020: Yangon International Gems & Jewelry Fair

          YIGJF 2020: Yangon International Gems & Jewelry Fair

          Category: Gems and Jewelry
          Date:?10 – 13 January, 2020
          Location: Lotte Hotel, No. 82, Sin Phyu Shin Avenue Pyay Road, 6? Mile, Ward 11 MM, Yangon 11052, Myanmar
          Organizer: Gems & Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association, Yangon, Myanmar
          Phone: +959 262766656~57, +951 2302371
          Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM
          Tickets:?Free Admission to Trade & Public visitors (for aged 15 and above)

          Myanmar is rich in natural resources and it produces world renowned precious gems like rubies, sapphires, jade and other semi precious gems like spinels,? aquamarines, garnets, peridots etc. Rare gems like painite, johachidolite, taaffeite, poudretteite can also be found in Myanmar. Moreover, Myanmar South-sea cultured pearls are also popular among the wearers.

          The 3rd?Yangon International Gems and Jewelry 2020 ( 10th – to 13th?of January) will be organized by Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneurs Association of Yangon and is proudly supported by Myanmar Gems Enterprise and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.

          Why Visit?

          All these people working these jobs will benefit much by visiting this event:

          • Gems and precious stone manufacturers / suppliers
          • Gems and precious stone importers and exporters
          • Gems and precious stone distributors, agents, and wholesalers
          • Jewelry retailers
          • Investors & entrepreneurs
          • Private jewelry collectors
          • Jewelry designers
          • Members of the press, media and?news reporters

          YIGJF 2020: Exhibitors Profile

          Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association (Yangon) would like to announce proudly that the 3rd Yangon International gems and Jewellery fair will be held on the 10th of January 2020 to 13th of January 2020 at the Lotte hotel of Yangon, the business city of Myanmar. The 1st Yangon International gems and Jewellery fair 2018 was a big success and it drew the attention of the foreign buyers from all over the world. The 1st Sealed-bid auction was highlighted at the 2nd Yangon International gems and Jewellery fair 2019 and it was the great opportunity for the overseas buyers as well as the local buyers. There will be the 2nd Sealed-bid auction as well as the gems forum at the 3rd Yangon International gems and Jewellery fair 2020 to promote and expand the gems industry of Myanmar internationally.

          YIGJF 2020: Buyer Profile

          The highlights of 3rd Yangon International Gems and Jewellery Fair 2020 are as follows:

          • Tax free for foreign buyers during the fair period.
          • Efficient custom duty office at the fair for foreign buyers to take gems and Jewellery out of the country conveniently.
          • Corporate, fair hotel rates for the foreign buyers at the Lotte hotel of Yangon, Myanmar.
          • Reputable government registered gem testing Lab at the fair to check the authenticity of the purchased gems and Jewellery.
          • The direct source with Myanmar dealers to do the business transactions with reasonable prices.
          • A great opportunity to get the world renowned gems and Jewellery from the direct source, Myanmar.
          • Availability of credit cards such as Visa Cards , Master Cards, JCB cards and MPU cards at the fair.
          • A great chance to take part in the Sealed-bid auction to see and purchase the varieties of gems and Jewellery.
          • Arrangements for the foreign buyers to go sightseeing with the reputable tour company of Myanmar.
          • You are cordially invited to come and visit our 3rd Yangon International gems and Jewellery fair 2020.

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