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          Tuesday , February 18 2020
          Chennai Renewable Energy Expo

          Chennai Renewable Energy Expo 2020: Tamil Nadu, India

          Category: Power and Energy
          Date: 13 – 15 February, 2020
          Location: Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, CTC Complex, Nandambakkam, Poonthottam Colony, Nandambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089 India
          Organizer: Water Today Pvt. Ltd. – 3D 3rd Floor, Bhaghreetha Residency, 125 Marshalls Road, Egmore, Chennai Tamil Nadu 600008 India
          Phone: +91 44 42916900
          Email: info@renewableenergyexpo.biz
          Timings: 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM

          Chennai Renewable Energy Expo 2020: Event Profile

          We are glad to announce the Third Edition of Chennai Renewable Energy Expo 2020 will be held on 13th, 14th & 15th February 2020 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai. Organised by Renewable Energy Expo Team, a division of WT, the scope of exhibition is to stimulate the growth of renewable in the region through collaboration of technology and product sharing. This event will be bringing together businesses, sustainable energy industry trade associations, government agencies, and energy policy research organizations to showcase the status and potential of the cross-section of renewable energy industry. The expo is proclaimed at the right time when there is a paradigm shift in the global trend towards massive deployment of solar power and other renewable along with investments worth billions of dollars in technology and green energy.

          Renewable Energy

          Every sector of the national economy requires inputs of energy, as it is the basic requirement for economic development. Since independence there has been increasing amounts of energy requirement due to the implementation of economic development plans. Consequentially, the consumption of energy in all forms has been steadily rising all over the country. Thus, there is urgent need for the country to develop a sustainable path of energy development by promoting energy conservation awareness and increase the use of renewable energy sources. Join us in creating awareness and building future with sustainable energy solution.

          Opportunities Galore For Exhibitors

          • Discover new markets, business leads & prospective partnerships.
          • Industrial & Municipal buyers will find qualified suppliers.
          • Showcase innovative products, solutions and contemporary technologies
          • Boost brand image & extent visibility to new heights.
          • Explore new business avenues.
          • A bridge between domestic & international markets.
          • Finalize business deals
          • A perfect meeting place for the prospective exhibitors and end-users
          • Ideal forum for exhibitors to interact with end-users, decision-makers, consultants & industry experts from across the globe

          Chennai Renewable Energy Expo: Exhibitors Profile

          The expo will showcase a range of products and technologies from the entire value chain in renewable energy and energy efficiency space. This includes:

          Solar Energy

          • Manufacturers of cell and module encapsulation, crystal growth equipment, diffusion furnaces, laminators, mounting systems, concentrators, trackers and collectors
          • Wire saws and consumables
          • Silicon feedstock, ingot and wafer manufacturing
          • Inverters, Charge controllers, batteries and module connectors
          • Photovoltaic (PV) modules, hybrid systems, materials and equipment
          • Screen-printing and metallization equipment
          • Solar cells manufacturers
          • Solar drying and desalination systems
          • Solar water heating/cooling systems and solar pumps
          • Testing, monitoring systems, project consultants, suppliers of building integrated
          • Photovoltaic (BIPV) and solar thermal engineering
          • Suppliers of raw materials
          • System integrators, assemblers and distributors
          • Glass, substrates, coatings, resins, encapsulation materials, films, gasses
          • Software solutions and providers of irradiation data
          • Turnkey solution providers
          • Solar farm developers and owners
          • Annual maintenance contractors
          • Emission monitoring systems
          • Electrical test and measuring systems
          • Solar street and billboard lighting systems

          Wind Energy

          • Buyers and sellers of old WEGs
          • Civil engineering surveyors and contractors
          • Component repairers (other than OEMs)
          • Consultants and certification agencies
          • Electrical and electronics items manufacturers
          • Freight forwarders
          • Hydraulic and mechanical items manufacturers and suppliers
          • Insurance companies, surveyors, valuers, Operations and maintenance providers
          • Stand-alone small aero-generator manufacturers & Training providers
          • WEG erection contractors, spares, components, tools and lubricants manufacturers
          • Wind electric generator (WEG) manufacturers
          • Wind monitoring and analysis systems suppliers
          • Assessment and forecasting service providers
          • Wind-Solar hybrid power system integrators
          • Wind farm owner

          Bio Energy

          • Analytical instruments manufacturers and service providers
          • Bio-diesel / bio-ethanol distributors or refining companies
          • Bio-diesel dispensing and mixing equipment manufacturers
          • Biomass heating and drying equipment manufacturers
          • Bioreactor, boiler, turbine and turbo-generator manufacturers & consultants

          Hydro Energy

          • Component manufacturers, Consultants and certification agencies
          • Digital simulator manufacturers
          • Electrical, mechanical and civil contractors
          • Manufacturers and suppliers of generators and control equipment manufacturers
          • Hydro turbine manufacturers
          • Mechanical and hydraulic items manufacturers and supplier
          • Performance testing equipment manufacturers

          Geothermal Energy

          • Component manufacturers
          • Contractors
          • Drilling engineering consultants
          • Manufacturers of circuit protector devices
          • Manufacturers of geothermal heat and ring compressors pumps
          • Manufacturers of L.P drills and air drilling tools
          • Manufacturers of mechanical chart reader
          • Manufacturers of high temperature gauges
          • Recovered Energy Generation (REG) plant operators
          • Service providers


          • Automation measuring and control systems
          • Complete plant solution providers
          • Project developers
          • Financial institutions and investors
          • Utility planners and organizations
          • Equipment suppliers and service providers
          • Consultants

          Electric Vehicles

          • Electric vehicles (EVs) manufacturers – 2, 3 and 4 wheelers
          • Hydrogen and fuel cells
          • Battery technologies

          Energy Efficiency

          • Energy efficient equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution
          • Industrial and decorative lighting equipment, luminaries, fixtures and accessories
          • Manufacturers of motors and pumps
          • Manufacturers of LED and charge controllers
          • Green information & communications technologies (ICT)

          Chennai Renewable Energy Expo: Visitors Profile

          • Academia
          • Advocacy Groups
          • Architects
          • Associations and Industry leaders
          • Building Owners
          • Clean-Tech specialists
          • Code Officials
          • Consultants
          • Construction & Rigging Companies
          • Component Manufacturers
          • Contractors
          • Corporate
          • End users
          • Engineers
          • Environmental Groups
          • Entrepreneurs
          • Equipment Manufacturers
          • Venture Capitalists, FIs
          • Governments and decision makers
          • Green Power Providers
          • Insurance Firms
          • International organizations
          • Law Firms
          • Media
          • Municipalities
          • Nonprofit Organizations
          • Non-Governmental Organizations
          • Policy level thinkers
          • Planners
          • Project Developers
          • PSUs
          • R & D institutions
          • Technology developers
          • Trade associations
          • Utility providers

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          One comment

          1. Dear Sir,

            I Dr.K.boopathy, working as a professor in department of EEE, AVIT, chennai, also i am the lab in charge in renewable energy source research center at AVIT.

            I would like to attend your up coming event oF EXPO for up dating our RES research center and expose the knowledge to student communities.

            Kindly do the needful.

            Thank You

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