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          Tuesday , March 3 2020
          Pharma Next: Bengaluru Pharma Automation, Machines & Medical Devices Expo

          Pharma Next 2018: Bengaluru Medical Devices Expo

          Category:?Scientific Instruments
          Date: 25 – 26 May, 2018
          Location:?Nimhans Convention Centre – Hosur Rd, Lakkasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029 India
          Organizer:?Infinite Expositions, NO: 160, NETHTRAVATHY LAYOUT,?Varnasi Main Road , Bangalore 560036,?India
          Phone: 080-65605052
          Email: infiniteexpositions@gmail.com
          Timings: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

          About Pharma Next 2018

          PHARMA NEXT 2018 – Pharma Automation, Machines & Medical Devices Trade Show is schedule to take place on 25th to 26th May 2018 at Nimhans Convention Centre, Bengaluru, India. PHARMA NEXT 2018 is a complete trade show on Electronic Automation, Pharma Automation, Factory Automation, Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Pharma Machines and Manufactures, Medical Equipment and Devices, Process Automation Robotics, Asimov Robotics, Difact Robotics, Sastra Robotics, Robotic Alice, Milagrow Robotics, Robotics & Automation.

          Precisely organized for providing an overview of latest trends on pharma automation & medical devices by showcasing the advance technology in Pharma Automation Industry has in store for all the manufacturers and traders from all over India.

          PHARMA NEXT 2018 is one of the trade shows in India concurrently held for 2 days with 2 days Conference, presenting a communication platform to all the entrepreneurs involved in the creative and productive innovations of the industry, covering a broad spectrum of products in pharma automation, machines and medical devices.

          Pharma Next 2018: Exhibitors Profile

          • Electronic Automation
          • Pharma Automation
          • Factory Automation
          • Industrial Automation
          • Process Automation
          • Pharma Machines and Manufactures
          • Medical Equipment and Devices
          • Process Automation Robotics
          • Asimov Robotics
          • Sastra Robotics
          • Robotic Alice
          • Milagrow Robotics
          • Distributors
          • Robotics & Automation

          Pharma Next 2018: Prime Sectors

          • Robotics & Automation
          • Milagrow Robotics
          • Robotic Alice
          • Sastra Robotics
          • Difact Robotics
          • Medical Equipment and Devices

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