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          Tuesday , February 18 2020
          Testing & Control: Russia Measuring Equipment

          Testing & Control 2020: Russia Measuring Equipment

          Catergory:?Scientific Instruments
          Date:?27 – 29 October, 2020
          Location: IEC Crocus Expo – 65 – 66 km MKAD, building 2 (IEC Crocus Expo), Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia
          Organizer: ITE Moscow –?3, bldg.?2, Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 107140 Moscow, Russia
          Phone: +7 499 750 08 28
          Email: info@ite-expo.ru
          Timings:?10:00 – 18:00

          17th International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing & Control

          Event Profile:

          Aerospace Testing & Industrial Control, according to the industrial community, is the only specialized exhibition in Russia dedicated to testing equipment for aerospace industry.

          The international Testing & Control exhibition is an efficient business platform for achieving a number of tasks:

          • For exhibitors: finding new clients, expanding your geography of sales, and promoting your products
          • For visitors: using the short space of time to find goods at suitable prices from a large range of offers

          Testing & Control 2020 will present a wide range of testing, controlling and measuring equipment for the aviation, aerospace, machine building, metallurgy, construction, electronic, oil and gas, energetic and other industries.

          The 16th International Exhibition of Testing and Measuring Equipment Testing & Control 2020 is going to be held during 27 – 29 October, 2020 Moscow. The show creates a good platform in the field of testing and measuring equipment for various industries being in demand due to a wide range of presented products and a vast business programme. This is a very good chance for numerous manufacturer and suppliers to show case their latest products and modern technology in front of the visitors.

          Why to visit Тesting & Control?

          Testing & Control 2020 is the largest exhibition of testing and measuring equipment by number of exhibitors and visitors in Russia and CIS countries.

          Visiting Testing & Control 2020 is an opportunity of direct contact with the executives of over than 100 companies which are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment from Russia and other countries worldwide.

          Over 15 years Testing & Control visitor obtains complete information on the market and finds engineering solutions for equipage of production facilities with sophisticated equipment in the following fields: mechanical testing, climate testing, non-destructive testing, metrology and standardization, technical diagnostics, production control and laboratory control.

          According to the results of visiting Testing & Control 2019:

          • 95% of visitors satisfied with the visit of the exhibition
          • 93% of visitors influence buying decisions for products and services presented at the exhibition
          • 66% of visitors got information about new technology
          • 60% visit only Testing & Control among similar exhibitions in Russia
          Visitors of Testing & Control 2020 have an opportunity to take part in the highly topical business programme of the Exhibition, it is presented by:

          • Conference
          • Seminars of exhibitors

          Testing & Control 2020: Exhibitors Profile

          Test equipment

          • Tensile tests
          • Compression tests
          • Torsion tests
          • Burst tests
          • Testing in conditions of combined stress state
          • Hardness tests
          • Creep-rupture tests
          • Stress-relaxation tests
          • Impact tests
          • Endurance tests
          • Thermal tests
          • Low-temperature tests
          • Thermal cycling tests
          • Moisture impact stability tests
          • Water splash impact stability test and leak tests
          • Salt fog impact stability tests
          • Testing in conditions of low atmospheric pressure
          • Dust and sand impact stability tests
          • Solar radiation impact stability tests
          • Radiation stability tests
          • Fungi impact stability tests
          • Specific features of climate testing of ATE and AE products of tropical and general climate design
          • Oil and gasoline stability tests

          Production Control

          • Robotized equipment
          • Software
          • Computer-aided design systems
          • Controllers, drives
          • Cabinets, panels, boards, power supplies
          • Components and electronics
          • Industrial controllers
          • Automated lines
          • Equipment, technologies, automation systems

          Equipment for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics

          • Radiation method
          • Ultrasonic method
          • Akustiko-emissionny method
          • Magnetic method
          • Vikhretokovy method
          • Method the getting substances
          • Vibrodiagnostic method
          • Electric method
          • Thermal method
          • Optical method

          Machine Vision

          • Vision systems
          • Vision Sensor
          • Vision inspection systems
          • Barcode Readers
          • Machine Vision Software
          • Sensors
          • Camers
          • Optics
          • Processors and computer components

          Measuring Equipment

          • Coordinate Measuring Machines
          • Vision Measuring Systems
          • Form measurement
          • Optical measuring
          • Laser projection systems
          • Small tool instruments
          • Weighing solution
          • Sensor and sensor systems
          • Software
          • Repair and calibration of measuring instruments
          • Standardization, certification and licensing

          Laboratory Control

          • Weight measuring equipment
          • Laboratory equipment and instruments
          • Laboratory furniture
          • Laboratory automation / robot technology
          • Laboratory data processing systems and software
          • Auxiliary laboratory equipment
          • Chemical agents and materials
          • Consumables
          • Turn-key laboratories
          • Standardization, accreditation and certification of laboratories

          Testing & Control 2019: Visitors Profile

          The exhibition visitors are representatives of industrial, construction, environmental and research laboratories, certification centers, design bureaus, quality control, standardization and metrology departments from various industries.

          Visitors like Manufacturer, Suppliers, Buyers, Distributors and Key Decision Maker.

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