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          Saturday , February 15 2020
          India Subcontracting Show

          India Subcontracting Show 2019: Chennai Global Engineering Sourcing Exhibition

          Date: 14 – 16 March, 2019
          Location: Chennai Trade Centre – CTC Complex, Off Porur Road, Nandambakkam, Chennai, India
          Organizer: EEPC India, International Trade Facilitation Centre, 1st Floor, 1/1, Wood Street, Kolkata – 700016 India
          Phone: (+91 33) 22890651 / 52
          Email: eepcho@eepcindia.net

          Welcome To India Subcontracting Expo 2019

          8th International Industrial Supply and Subcontracting Expo for Manufacturing Industry ‘India Subcontracting Show‘ will take place along with IESS 2019 on 14th – 16th March, 2019 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai. ‘India Subcontracting Show’ under the umbrella of India’s largest Engineering Sourcing Show, IESS 2019 is an opportunity to capitalize on our ‘indigenous manufacturing strength’ and nurture this ‘acumen’. This is the must attend event for subcontract manufacturing buyers from all industry sectors, to source suppliers, benchmark capabilities, and secure contracts in order to remain competitive in a global market. The event will help identify, procure and benefit from the low cost advantage of MSME’s in machining, sheet metal working, engineering, material development, design, prototyping, screw cutting, surface treatment, testing etc. As a platform for tier 2-3 precision engineers and component suppliers to showcase their strengths to OEM’s and Tier 1 manufacturers.

          Highlighted Activities During Show

          01Subcontracting Exhibition – an exhibition of Indian industries featuring more than 350 local and international subcontractors

          02Business Matchmaking Program – business matchmaking and industrial linkage activity allowing Indian SME subcontractors to identify business partners, enter into business collaboration, explore new marketing channels, and engage in one-on-one meetings pre-arranged by the buyers and the sellers

          03Buyers’ Village – venue for top buyers and international procurement offices in India and other countries to exhibit the parts, they need to procure or for which they require subcontractors.

          04Innovation to Business – links and matches research and development agencies to the manufacturing industry. Identifies products and parts to help commercialize innovations

          05Industrial Design Clinic – an advisory clinic where industrial entrepreneurs can obtain valuable advices to improve the manufacturing competitiveness through design insights on process and strategic levels. This will help to take design at higher level of manufacturing functions, it is very important to develop a design scenario and environment at the early stage of conception

          06Seminars – educational and visionary seminars for industrial entrepreneurs covering interesting topics including investments opportunity analysis, business strategies, management and technology and product development

          India Subcontracting Expo 2019:?Products Profile

          • Iron, Steel And Its Products
          • Cable Glands, Cable Accessories
          • Forging & Casting Products
          • Components & Parts For Industrial Application
          • Conductors
          • Electrical Insulation Materials, Electrical Cables
          • Electrical Power Tools
          • Electrical Wires, Lugs, Cable Rings
          • Engine Dynamo Meters & Accessories
          • Engineering Plastics & Moulded Parts
          • Galvanized Wires, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
          • Hydraulic & Pneumatics Systems
          • Hydraulic Press & Hydraulic Cylinder
          • Industrial Springs, Spring Coils & Fasteners
          • Latches, Locking Systems And Operating Elements
          • Machined Components
          • Measuring Instruments, Transducers, Meters, Data Recorder, Calibrators
          • Mechanical And Electrical Testing Components
          • Precision Turned Component
          • Pumps And Industrial Valves
          • Quality Control And Analytical Equipment
          • Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Injection Moulding, Compression Moulding, Pultrusion
          • Sheet Metal Components, Fittings & Flanges
          • Steel Mills Equipment And Supplies
          • Systems / Sub-Assemblies

          India Subcontracting Expo 2019:?Visitors Profile

          • Aerospace Manufacturing
          • Automotive Parts Manufactures
          • Air Conditioning Manufacturers
          • Building & Construction engineering
          • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Products
          • Design & Consultancy Services
          • Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing
          • Engineering & Constructing machinery manufactures
          • Electrical Machinery & component manufactures
          • Steel Sheet Fabricators
          • Packaging / Printing machinery manufactures
          • Rubber & Plastic Products machinery manufactures
          • Sheet Metal Fabrication
          • Storage & Material Handling professional
          • Tools, Dies & Molds Manufacturing
          • Academic / Distributor / Traders Trade Association / Government Agency
          • Steel Furniture Manufacturers
          • Metal Components & Products Manufacturing

          International Engineering Sourcing Show (IESS)

          International Engineering Sourcing Show (IESS VII) is organized by EEPC India which is going to take place from 14th to 16th March 2019 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India. IESS VII , under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, with its unique concept also aims at reducing dependence on traditional markets, develop internal markets within India, forge partnerships and joint ventures, strengthen commercial relation and accelerate trade between India and its trading partners. It provides a platform for foreign companies to showcase their strength and capability in the large developing market. IESS VII main objective to promote India’s image and provide a platform to Indian exporters to showcase their strengths and capabilities in an emerging market. EEPC India has given the opportunity for exporters of engineering product and services to build business contact with leading importers, buyers, dealers, distributors and wholesales of engineering product from America, Europe, Africa, Latin America, ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand and CIS Countries.

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