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          Tuesday , February 18 2020
          RIDE Asia New Delhi 2019: Bicycles, E-vehicles, Sports & Fitness Expo

          RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020: Cycles, E-vehicles, Sports

          Category:?Bicycles and Rickshaw
          Date: 29 – 31 May, 2020
          Location: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,?India
          Organizer:?Udan Media & Communications Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Floor, BM Complex, Kalsi Nagar, Dholewal G.T. Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, India
          Phone:?+91-98153-98154 / +91-98153-96350
          Timings:?10.00 AM – 05.00 PM

          RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020 (A Tour To Asia’s Wheels) will be a B2B event for attracting dealers, distributors, importers and entrepreneurs who are looking new business opportunities in e-Vehicles, e-Bikes, Cycles, Sports and Fitness industry. It will also be open to B2C segment to increase awareness about Electric Vehicles Cycling, Fitness, Outdoor Sports, Cycling and provide knowledge about latest products and services. As technologies are upgrading fast and in order to compete in the international market RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020 has taken one step ahead by allowing exhibitors to gauge reactions to new products and take consumer feedback. RIDE Asia is being organized at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from May 29 – 31, 2020.

          Successful industrialist and businessman strongly believe in innovation and latest technological advancements which trigger them to new heights in industry and to compete in the international market. RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020 is the perfect platform to Visualize Quality through Competitiveness and ensures to achieve the slogan “TAKE A TOUR TO ASIA’S WHEELS”, also best platform for the visitors and exhibitors across the country to judge about the technologies & innovation which is occurring throughout the world at common platform. RIDE Asia aims to promote the Indian and International industry by bringing the manufacturers, dealers, retailers and consumer at common platform.

          Business to Business (B2B) relation is must in order to stay connected in the market. For this, RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020 has the perfect facilitator for cooperation between National and International manufacturers and consumers of all industrial sectors. The focus is directed to make and maintain the long term relationship building among National and International clients.

          RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020 is a flagship event for Indian and International industry for e-Vehicle, e-Bike, Cycle, Sports and Fitness equipment manufacturers. This mega event attracts visitors from wide spectrum of manufacturing and ancillary industries including key decision and policy makers as well as industry captains who are keen to source latest technologies and manufacturing solutions for their products. We would like to welcome e-Vehicle, e-Bike, Bike, Bicycle, Bicycle Parts, and Fitness Equipment & Outdoor Sports Fraternity from all over the world. It has always been our endeavor to bring the entire e-Vehicle, e-Bike, Cycle, Sports and Fitness equipment manufacturing community and dealers at same platform.

          RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020: Highlights

          • 4 day expo on e-Vehicles, e-Bikes, Bicycles, Sports and Fitness industry
          • World Renowned Exhibition Center – Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
          • Efficient Networking
          • Face to face interaction between the Buyers and Sellers
          • On spot business generation
          • Best platform for new product launches
          • Visitor base form All India Level
          • Interaction with senior industry executives

          Why RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020?

          • Best Event Hosting Venue
          • Delhi is a hub of top notching cycle, e-vehicle, sports and fitness companies.
          • Best connectivity overall the world
          • Best infrastructure facilities
          • Active government participation and support.
          • All business Facilities available
          • Serves as Economic hub of India
          • Best acknowledged as the Industrial hub of India

          RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020: Exhibitors Profile

          • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Manufacturers
          • E – Scooters
          • E – Rickshaws
          • E – Cycles
          • E – Cars
          • E – Bus
          • E – Bikes
          • Golf Cart
          • Off Road E vehicles
          • Solar/ Electric Boats
          • E – Trolleys
          • E – Pickup Trucks
          • Electric Vehicle parts and component
          • Battery and Solar Panel Manufacturing companies
          • Accessories
          • Government sector and Departments
          • Testing Agencies
          • Body/ Chassis Fabricators
          • Branding Service Providers
          • Charging Station
          • Charging Technologies
          • Consultants
          • R & D Agencies
          • Sports Equipment
          • Fitness and Gym Machinery and Equipment
          • Sports Accessories
          • Fitness Machinery Accessories
          • Sports Wear
          • Protective Guards and Gears
          • Artificial Play grounds and Courts
          • Dietary Supplements
          • Artificial Grass, Mats
          • Health Drinks
          • Sports Gadgets
          • Hover board
          • Table
          • Nets and Poles
          • Aerobic Equipment
          • Aero Sports Equipment
          • Water Sports Equipment
          • Camping Equipment
          • Tricycle
          • Bicycle
          • Bicycle Parts
          • Bicycle Safety Gears and Guards
          • Bicycle Accessories
          • Folding Bicycle
          • Cycle Rickshaw
          • Tyre and Tube
          • Air Pumps
          • Air Filling Station

          RIDE Asia New Delhi 2020: Visitors Profile

          • All India Cycle, e-Vehicles, e-Bikes, Bikes, Fitness and Sports dealers, Traders
          • All India Health Clubs
          • Government Authorities
          • Hotel Industry
          • Online Shopping Portals
          • Gym and Aerobics & Yoga Centers
          • Sports Associations
          • Physiotherapy Centers
          • Multipurpose Club Houses
          • Dietitians and Nutritionists
          • Consultants and Professionals
          • Managers / Administrators of Public Sports Facilities
          • Consumers

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