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          Tuesday , February 18 2020
          The Engineer Expo Birmingham: UK

          The Engineer Expo Birmingham 2020: UK

          Category:?Industrial Goods
          09 – 11 June, 2020
          ?NEC – Hall 3, North Avenue,?Birmingham?B40 1WT?United Kingdom
          Organizer:?Centaur Media plc – Wells Point 79 Wells Street London W1T 3QN?UK
          Phone:?+44 (0)207 970 4691
          Timings: 09:30 AM – 16:30 PM
          Tickets:?Free Entry

          Welcome To The Engineer Expo 2020

          Engineering Solutions For UK Manufacturing

          The Engineer Expo is dedicated to providing UK engineering professionals with the latest in-house manufacturing and design solutions, alongside cutting edge developments in advanced engineering technologies.

          The show provides a unique platform for engineers to source the latest advanced engineering technology, products and services, enabling them to optimize production and process throughout the manufacturing cycle.


          Subcon, Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Expo Birmingham 2020 come together in 2020 to deliver a unique and relevant event for the manufacturing and engineering industry. Bringing the best suppliers, latest innovations and practical advice to help build new partnerships and optimize business strategies

          All visitors will benefit from free access to all three events.

          Discover the suppliers, innovation and advice that will help shape your future manufacturing strategies.

          The Engineer Expo Birmingham 2020: Why Visit?

          The Engineer Expo is dedicated to providing UK engineering professionals with the latest in-house manufacturing and design solutions, alongside cutting-edge developments in advanced engineering technologies.

          Brought to you by the UK’s leading B2B engineering publication, The Engineer, the event combines a 3 day programme of free-to-attend educational content with a wide selection of world class suppliers and extensive networking opportunities.

          Benefit from being part of a wider manufacturing event – 400 suppliers under one roof.

          The Engineer Expo Birmingham 2020: Exhibitors Profile

          The best of British manufacturing will be on display alongside a wealth of market leading international suppliers all looking to help UK engineers and manufacturers optimize business performance and plan for future success.

          Manufacturing Materials

          • Composites
          • Metals & Alloys
          • Plastics & Polymers
          • Rubber & Foams
          • Ceramics
          • Adhesives
          • Stockists
          • Lubricants
          • Chemicals

          Software Solutions

          • CAD / CAM / CAE
          • Simulation/Design Software
          • CFD Software
          • VR / AR
          • Production Management
          • ERP / MRP Software
          • PLM Software
          • CMMS Software
          • Metrology Software

          Measurement Test & Inspection

          • CMMs
          • Scanners
          • Sensors
          • Probes
          • Non-contacts Systems
          • Metrology Systems
          • Portable Measuring Arms
          • Specialized Gauges and Measuring
          • Instruments
          • Optical Systems

          Manufacturing Support

          • Packaging & Logistics
          • Storage & Handling
          • Recruitment
          • Training & Apprenticeship
          • Financial Consultancy
          • Legal Consultancy
          • Certification
          • Energy & Waste Management
          • IT Solutions


          • Electrical and Electronic
          • Components
          • Enclosures
          • Power Supplies
          • PCBs
          • Mechanical Components/Metal Parts
          • Fasteners & Springs
          • Seals & Gaskets
          • Filtration
          • Pumps & Valves

          The Engineer Expo Birmingham 2020: Visitors Profile

          Meet Face To Face With Empowered Buyers Across The Industry Sectors

          • Automotive
          • Aerospace
          • Electronics
          • Materials
          • Energy
          • Rail
          • Oil & Gas
          • Defence & Security

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